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#222456 - Oh Pip she started and turned to look at me You've always been here for me, Why? “I don't know “I answered” But I suppose us being great mates has got something to do with it Well yeah she said “But is there anything more in your heart, deeper feelings “I I I I I don't know I stammered I've always found you really attractive and I reckon you'd be a great girlfriend but we're friends, just friends. Very good” I moaned “Now take a little more in that’s good” I exclaimed as she engulfed my entire shaft into her throat. “Sounds great,” she said as our lips met again and we kissed more and more passionately exchanging tongues, and I began unbuttoning her shirt as I returned to her neck kissing, sucking, licking and nibbling on it.

Read Gilf Shachiku no Shiawase | 社畜的幸福 Pendeja Shachiku no Shiawase | 社畜的幸福

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