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#325684 - Celeste:- No but's mister, now try to relax, i need to go get the doctor as he would like to run a few tests Jonah:- Pass, i feel great, don't need any tests Celeste:- Don't worry about it, now relax and let the doctor do them Jonah:- Pass, don't want them, won't have them done Celeste:- You don't really have much choice in the matter now do you, now i'll be back in a second with the doctor, try to relax and they will be over before you know it With that Celeste left the room, she returned with the doctor less than a minute later to find Jonah struggling to make his way to the door, the whole dying then been brought back from the dead had taken too much out of him and moving was proving to be a near impossible task, he was on his knee's slowly crawling away from his bed, he almost made it to the door when someone blocked his path Celeste:- Jonah, what do you think you're doing, look at you, on your knee'

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