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#107036 - we are staying here but looking for a house of are own my friends smiled at me and wished me luck walking into the graduation whole we listened to the end of high school speaches and we all collected are diaplomas i was so proud of harvey when he collected his the next day after the after party i wke up with a killer hangover but i soon got over it i drove to birt house to wish her a happy birthday and to give her the present i had brought her when i got into her party i handed her a box she opened it and there was a key inside she said what this key for i said go look out front so we all walked out the front to see a brand new mim cooper parked in her drive way i said happy brithday babe harvey came up behind me and said thats a nice present babe i said wait to your next brithday babe your get somethink really special after the party i went home with my hustband and started looking for cheap places to rent and we found a really nice one for $1500 a month my mom and

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