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#95738 - As I approach I watch you try the door but it does not open, I walk up trying the door next to you ‘I say you have to push,’ you turn and smile at me, I melt on the spot yet at the same time I realise the doors are still locked, oh god this was not meant to happen, it was supposed to happen so smoothly, but I do not panic, instead I lead you back to the bookshop where I had watched your arrival. I park the car, quickly make my way to the second hand bookshop that I know will give me an unobscured view of your arrival, I pick up a book look it over replace it, my eyes always scanning the street outside the window, people gather across the street waiting at the pedestrian crossing, I watch intently knowing I will recognise you even from this distance and I am right, I lick my dry lips as I watch you cross the street, it is when you reach the other side of the road that I realise that even if I wanted to I cannot resist my attraction to you. I leave the book shop just as you disappear

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That means a lot to me thank you
Kagami hiiragi
She needs to do some fucking dp already