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#138303 - you can hear me choke on your cock and i know feeling me gag is turning you on even more fucinhigh08: leaving one hand on your head i take my other hand and try and stuff my balls in your mouth with my cock buried in your throat i take my hand and open your jaw more and put one of my balls in your mouth fucinhigh08: as you gag and cough hard spitting everywhere yankees2girl: ((mmmmmomg)) yankees2girl: i try to scream as you force my jaw open but it’s muffled by your cock. i grab at the arm on my chest for something to hold on to fucinhigh08: “mmm you like getting your throat fucked didn’t you erica?” i say as i slam my cock in and out of your tight little pussy yankees2girl: i look away in shame and i try to muffle my moans fucinhigh08: “i knew you were a little slut erica i say as i grab and squeeze one of your huge firm tits, continuing to pound your little hot pussy yankees2girl: i wrap my arms around your back and upper body and pull you closer to me trying t

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