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#368737 - was the reply i got as i pulled more pillows under my head. “fuck me she is really getting into the rough side of things isn't she,i remember the first time she booked me,she was so embarrassment when she first sucked my cock,and now look at the dirty old cunt,she cant get enough of it since she first started,she is a dirty old fucker,remember last bank holiday she booked me and Bob,well we took it in turns with her after both using her on Friday evening and night,we kept her at it all weekend,all over the bank holiday she must of only slept about five hours total because we would take it in turns to rest and sleep so that here was always one of us with her at any given moment,we wouldn't even let her go to the bathroom,we made her piss and shit in a bucket in the corner of the room,then made her go outside naked at night and empty out her mess and clean the bucket out,ha ha ha that was funny because she didn't want her friends seeing her out there like that,i though

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Aya shameimaru
I cant see why not it would be a pleasure to play
Came so hard for these two