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#217134 - The recording ended Gary came back on the line, “Jill are you there? Of course, I’m here I can’t believe it he’s such a prick”! This was Gary’s chance, “Jill I admit we paid him to have sex with you but now we want to continue we don’t want to lose you because of a shit like him, if your willing we have a plan, do you want to hear it? Give me a little time I’ll call you back tonight, ok”? Her voice sound more like the happy well fucked Jill then the pissed off mom. Gary looked at her, “hey Lu I see what I think is a very happy soggy pussy what do you think? I think your right. Evan came in he sat at the table, “so how was your day mom? Just the usual stuff yours? Yeah except the guys weren’t their all afternoon have you heard from them”? She took a deep breath, “yes we’ve chatted several times I’m sure I’ll get a call later, why? I guess they want to get together with you, soon right.

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Aoba seragaki
No kissing no passion no watch
Why is she showering with clothes on in the first bit thats not how you shower