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#386561 - We all started out with small talk and I would soon find out that Brenda was in fact a nurse, I kinda figured she was, seeing her wearing purple scrubs. That night we spent the entire night with her taking every drop of my cum in all 3 holes, and I said to her, how much better can her mind-blowing sex could be? She answered back, you will find out tomorrow, you have one huge surprise tomorrow! The next morning, we took shower together, and while we in the shower stall, Patricia told me that she wanted some breakfast as she slid down to my waist and took my cock into her mouth. Patricia smiled at me saying that's right slave, as she lowered her pussy and ass to my face, saying, you know what to do, I shouldn't have to tell you slave, and after you do me, you're also going to eat out Brenda.

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