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#120459 - The next day came i had not fallen asleap again after returning to my bed and it was time for school so i got up and went to the kitchen with my brothers alredy eating. i walked inside trying to stand up streight but soon realised wuld be almost imposible i had a fractured rib and culd barley stand i caughed up blood into my hands and walked down the stairs to the shower. i soon was woken up by blake vilentley shakeing me beging me to wake up i awoke heart beating wildley mind raceing i swung my fist and struk him across the face.

Read Gay Cash レイマリサナ温泉事件簿 - Touhou project Chacal レイマリサナ温泉事件簿

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Anita king
That guy is a big baby that prick i swear
Ramza beoulve
Love the music choice keep it up