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#51156 - CONFUSED You drive me crazy, I am confused, You are so sexy, I need your boost! Give just a hint,baby, Show just a sign, That make me sure - You will be mine! You are temptation I can't resist, You are my fortune, You are my gist! So hug me,baby, And sqeeze me tight, And I will love you All thru the night! And if my heart, baby, Stopped in my breast I wouldn't be sorry - I've met the best! PLAYBOY Making love with many women I have spent a lot of days, And they always called me dreamer With the sad and lonely face! I'm not used to hurt my lovers Raising them with useless hopes And I keep my heart sincere Hating styles of haughty snobs! Love can't last and bloom forever, Any feeling has to fade, There's no reason for offences It's the law of our fate! When I have to leave my woman I'm not trying to pretend, I

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