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#339320 - Then some thing happened that surprised us, but I think it surprised mom ever more, we were nibbling her nipples and fingering her twat, while mom cleaned the cum and pussy juice off our cocks, with the only thing she had her mouth. Mom you should come up and watch this, so me and mom walk up the stair and dad’s lying on the bed with sis slowly stroking his cock. The next morning while we ate breakfast, I broke the silence and asked, when can we do that again, mom and dad replied “ when ever you want, we taught you would be embarrassed”, sis says “what can I say he is a chip of the family block and we are going to have fun tonight”, and I say “we are going to have a whole lot of fun”.

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Why does it have to be so unfair it seems like yesterday when i was appreciative of the fact that my parents weren t fighting i had lots of friends and that i might actually have someone else for once but now that s gone i haven t seen a friend in over 6 months my parents conversations sound like a mw2 lobby and i ended up getting led on now to try to make myself feel better i sat here beating my meat know that in the end i d feel worse why s it gotta be like this