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#288452 - “I would like you Miss Louise and him” she said without looking at either of us. “Pops, i have chosen you both because i think you both will make good use of me and also the fact that you both own the company, then i think you both will have much more experience of what it is i seek than your other staff members, and to be quite honest i think you and Miss Louise here would be far more kinkier than i could ever imagine” she said with a smirk on her face. Louise took the lead and said to her, “okay cunt, that is the last time you will ever hear us calling you your proper name, from this moment on you will be known as cunt, or what ever i decided to call you, even in the chatroom or on the phone you will be treated as a worthless cunt, now cunt tell me who you require to be your tormentor and the reason why you have chosen this person, also while you are at it you can let me know who you have chosen as the lady you wish to dominate you”.

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