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#385935 - Don’t tell me to go for it, I want to respect my daughters wish’s, and let their daughters have a childhood, but they are maturing faster than their mothers, so their knowledge is greater than when my girls were their age. They are coming next week end, and Sue will be away, I hope I’m strong enough to resist any advance’s they might throw at me. I woke early in the morning and both my girls were gone, I got up and washed then saw a note, ‘dad had to go to work, Wendy has gone shopping, the girls say thanks for the party, sorry they left early, Wendy will be back about half ten’ the writing changed then I read ‘be naked in bed when I get back this pussy wants more cock before we go home’, I did as was told and Wendy and I fucked for a couple of hours, we cleaned up and returned home.

Read Gay Physicals 夜の避難先 - Original Butts 夜の避難先

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Genya shinazugawa
Great hentai we loved it
Hot as hell it s like you snowballed yourself wow