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#314938 - I stood up and looked down at her alright time for your new rules and orders sis His family at his mercy I said to her as she smilled rule number one you will always call me master I like that rule number 2 inside you will be naked or wearing lingerie all the time rule number 3 when I command you to do something you will do it no questions asked even if it's to or with other people understand I said as she looked at me a little scared but quickly nodded yes master she said smilling not wanting to take any chances to be punished for disobedience to me . I go and grab the remote and turn the tv off Hey ! I was watching that ! She yells as I look at her I had seen you giving head to my friend I don't want you to do stuff like that at least when I'm around understood ? I said to her checking her body you are not my boss I do whatever I want ! You aren't dad ! She screamed at me as I got mad I went closer to her and looked in her eyes as long that mom is away I'm in charge

Read Cum On Face Ore no, Oji-san. - Original Cum Shot Ore no, Oji-san.

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